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Europe Co., Ltd, legally incorporated in September 26,1994 under the license No. 046172 issued by the Planning & Investment Department of The Vietnamese Government ,being a fully owned Vietnam base organization headquartered at Hochiminh city, Vietnam, is now a prominently International & domestic freight Forwarder/customs broker agent. We are the best total transportation and logistics solution in Vietnam.
Europe Co., Ltd strongly believes that economy, production, transport and logistics cannot exist without the intervention of people. What we really aim at is to add value to your efforts. We stand for fully integrated logistics combining all means to move goods, no matter whether LCL/FCL/RO-RO or pure conventional. We do consider ourselves as link between the manufacturers and final consignees. Through our network of worldwide correspondents we guarantee a professional follow-up from start to finish
Europe Co., Ltd provides a wide range of exclusive full logistics services for all cargos transported to and from Vietnam, throughout the world.
Europe Co., Ltd is fortifying its reputation for reliability by working hard towards accreditations from leading industry agencies & organizations. This is to guarantee our customers that we can efficiently handle their shipping requirements in accordance with procedures & standard set forth by such entities.
Europe Co., Ltd  owns and operates an intensive fleet of more than 370 semi-trailer trucks, 46 specialised flatbed trailers for steel, 75 rear dump trailers for stone, sand and steel and 18 light trucks. Furthermore, our fleet comprises of many cranes, forklifts, conventional and specialized over-dimension and heavy lift transport facilities ranging from conventional lifting devices, prime movers, hydraulic flat bed trailer, Semi–trailers and low-bed trailers to its latest generation, thus can provide our customers with full services such as container trucking, break-bulk cargo trucking and the overweight or over-dimension project cargo Loading & unloading and its transportation.
Europe Co., Ltd also exclusively owns a port based in Nhon Trach province which can assist our clients in lowering cost as well as time for transportation.

With over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry and over 668 employees, Europe Co., Ltd. offers the most complete package for our clients and the ultimate customer satisifaction. Our company has over 65 experiences import and export representatives that assist with customs from start to finish.

Furthermore, Europe Co., Ltd. has a team of highly trained and qualified staff who track all deliveries 24/7 to offer full reporting on the whereabouts of each delivery.

- Import and Export Services
- Flatbed Trailers for Steel
- Skeletal Trailers for Containers
- Rear Dump Trailers for Stone, Sand and Coal
- Shipping
- Light Truck Fleet
- Nhon Trach Port
- Fork Lifts
- Cranes


Strengthening management measures, to constantly improve the quality of transport services. Continued exploitation of training resources. of high quality.


100% of employees are set to, try to get training to improve practical skills and management capacity.
100% of the workers are trained driver, improve skills contests and standards certified driver training.
100% of the category of vehicles to be tested weekly to ensure standards and quality of service. These vehicles do not meet standards, technical quality as well as the forms are not engaged in business.
Maintain a close relationship with customers. Regarded customer satisfaction is a measure of service quality reputation of the enterprise - the human qualities of the new workers.
Always seek investment and development of services.